New South Wales

New South Wales Best Timeshare Destinations

The sheer beauty of the coastlines, crystal waters, awe-inspiring cliffs and sparkling sand stretches of New South Wales never fails to fascinate visitors. With the Great Dividing Range cutting through the centre of the state, New South Wales is home to an endless amount of unspoilt beaches, rugged mountains, rainforests, vibrant cities, delicious cuisine and dazzling entertainment for a truly exhilarating experience. From relaxing getaways to opportunities for exciting new adventures, New South Wales is a traveller's delight.

If you are planning to explore the spectacular locations of New South Wales, the following destinations promise a pristine experience:

Manly Beach

Located at the southern end of the Northern beaches of Sydney, this iconic strip of sand is one of Australia's most popular beaches. The beach is only fifteen minutes from Sydney's CBD and has something to offer for everyone. This amazing region is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and Sydney Harbour beach and makes the perfect destination to explore the finest of all that New South Wales has to offer. Whether you wish to sit back and unwind or indulge in some exciting adventure, the region offers the perfect mix of both.

From surfing, snorkelling, walking, diving and cycling, this gorgeous beach makes a delightful playground for adventure enthusiasts. The sandbanks make the southern end of the beach perfect for learners with the Manly Surf School! There are also diving lessons available both for beginners and experienced divers; making this region and exciting one for the entire family.

On top of all this, you can also explore an awe-inspiring stretch through the Manly to Strip Bridge Coastal Walk, the underwater world of Sydney Harbour with the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary and enjoy delicious platters of food from the city's superb dining options. You can experience the irresistible blend of adventure, relaxation and dining experiences from the comfort of Manly National Apartments.

Coffs Harbour

Park Beach:

Located towards the north, Park Beach is a popular spot on Coffs Harbour. The beach is renowned for its water sports, fishing and surfing activities. Lying close to the beach are camping facilities, restaurants and comfortable accommodation options to make your stay a pleasant one.

Boambee Beach:

Extending from the Corambirra Point to Boambee Creek, this is an open beach with differing conditions. Located on the southern end of the beach is the Boambee Creek Reserve. The shallow water of this region alongside the barbeque pits or variety of takeaway food makes it the perfect spot for a picnic.

Moonee Beach:

Moonee Beach is a favourite spot for fishing enthusiasts. The Moonee Beach Reserve is a popular spot and makes a key location to enjoy with kids. The presence of picnic shelters, shaded spots, barbeques and takeaway shops make this beach unique.

Things to do in Coffs Harbour

The rich marine life and warm water make this region a delight for snorkelers, divers and fishermen. There are a number of dive points, prominent being The South Solitary Islands. This is the ideal spot for both beginners and experienced divers. This island is undoubtedly a haven for turtles, grey nurse sharks and whales - you can even catch a closer look at them with a whale watching tour. Other attractions include skydiving over the spectacular view with Coff's skydivers, visiting the Dolphin Marine Magic, the Solitary Island Aquarium and Butterfly house and a trip to the Big Banana. While exploring Coffs Harbour, you can enjoy a wonderful stay at the following resorts.

Port Macquarie

Lying on the north coast of New South Wales, the dazzling coastal city of Port Macquarie offers endless possibilities. You will be spoilt for choice with its beautiful beaches, natural attractions and lush hinterland. An exciting destination, the mix of adventure activities and cultural richness makes this location a must-visit in your itinerary. From paragliding, skydiving, cycling, boating, kayaking and more, you are sure to find the experience that you have been longing for. You can either explore the region through the Coastal Walk or go for a cruise to watch the whales and dolphins. The glorious stretch of beaches offers an unforgettable experience, making it one of Australia's most visited holiday spots.

Beaches in Port Macquarie

Flynns Beach:

Located around three kilometres to the south of Port Macquarie, Flynns beach is surrounded by rocky headlands to its north and south. It is one of the finest family beaches of this region and is patrolled during holidays by surf lifesavers.

Grants Beach:

This beach lies towards the northern side of the Camden Haven River Mouth and is a safe beach for surfers. A popular surfing break, the beach is also home to the Camden Haven Surf Life Saving Club. The presence of picnic spots, caravan parks and motels make this location a popular one with tourists.

Lighthouse Beach:

Lying seven kilometres south of Port Macquarie, the beach is the ideal spot for scenic long walks, safari and offers a vantage point for whale watching. Patrolled during the holiday season, the beach is perfect for intermediate surfers.

Perpendicular Beach:

This point offers breath-taking views and is one of the best spots to watch whales as they migrate to and from the northern waters. The spectacular setting has much to offer with awe-inspiring structural features.

Town Beach Port Macquarie:

The central location makes Town Beach a popular tourist destination, offering facilities for a perfect family holiday. The picnic spots, dining options and skate parks makes it the ideal family holiday destination.

If you are eager to explore the thrilling destinations of Port Macquarie, the following resorts have the best accommodation options to offer.

Forster - Tuncurry

The twin coastal towns of Forster-Tuncurry are located 306 km to the north of Sydney. Lying north and south of the Cape Hawke Harbour, the attractions and exciting activities make this spot another preferred holiday destination. From enjoying the local seafood to exploring the Wallis Lake, there is much to keep you occupied. Travellers can also indulge in activities like surfing, swimming and fishing. The Booti Booti National Park offers the perfect point for bushwalking enthusiasts. Dotted with splendid beaches, this region is truly a holidaymaker's paradise. The Nine Mile Beach is a gem - home to magnificent rock pools, walking tracks, picnic areas and barbeque facilities. At the end of the breakwater, there are dolphins to be seen. With its charismatic spots, the Forster-Tuncurry is a great spot for your next holiday.

Diamond Beach

Located around 237 kilometres from Sydney and only 10 minutes from the towns of Taree and Forster, the beach has much to offer. An amazing getaway spot, this six-kilometre-long stretch is a fabulous place to relax. Whether you just want to go for a long beach walk or are a surfing/fishing enthusiast, this beach is perfect for you. The presence of resorts, holiday units, and comfortable accommodation options has made this region popular with tourists. You can enjoy the walking track stretching from Diamond Head to Shelley Beach. You can also go for sightseeing tours like the Amaroo Whale watch cruise. Seashells Beachfront Resort is perfect for accommodation at Diamond Beach.

Tamarind Beach & Cabarita Beach

Offering the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation, Tamarind Beach has the best in store for travellers. Whether you wish to simply unwind or explore the local village, this beach makes the ideal spot. You can even get a glimpse of the aerial view of this region from the helicopter. From snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and more, the exciting beach is sure to keep you occupied.

Located on the Tweed Coast, the Cabarita Beach is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to its east and a nature reserve in its north and west. Popular for its surf beaches, Cabarita makes the perfect holiday venue with its diverse landscape. The unspoilt beaches and rainforests extend an unforgettable holiday experience. You can also explore the sparkling beaches located near to Cabarita like Norris Head, Hastings Pint Inlet, Cudgera, North Kingscliff and more. You can enjoy the fabulous beaches of Tamarind and Cabarita during your stay at the Tamarind Sands Resort.

South of Bateman’s Bay

Lying south of the Bateman's Bay, the coastal villages of Tomakin, Broulee, Rosedale, Mossy Point have emerged as popular holiday spots. The wide expanse of sandy beaches, crystal clear water and surfing opportunities make this stunning patch an amazing one for holidaymakers.

With its true surf culture, Broulee is the ideal beach for surfers of all experience levels. The sheltered patch and sandy bottom make North Broulee the finest location to learn surfing in Australia. South Broulee is ideal for advanced level surfers. Broulee Headland offers scenic views of the town and hinterland while the Broulee Island Nature Reserve has its own secrets to unravel. A walk through this zone offers the opportunity to explore the magnificent coastal landscape.

Lying near the mouth of the Tomago River, Tomakin village is renowned for its fabulous beaches. This spot also offers the opportunity to explore the waterways and forests of the region. The Tomakin Cave is considered as one of the most beautiful Australian beaches with calm crystal clear water. The shallow water is filled with fishes and offers an ideal spot for swimming and snorkelling. The Cove further leads to the Tomago River Beach, which moves to the mouth of the Tomago River. The presence of rocky outcrops, which change colour with the movement of the sun, aids in making such a spectacular view.